Fusion. Black + White = Grey

My theme is based in contrasts, contrasts of colors, using the black & white, the empty, the crowded, the contrasts in geometric forms.
What inspire me to create this project is all about when I arrived in London, and I saw so many different cultures, religions, people from different places in the world… and this is a big contrast to me, from my country, from my society.
So, the differences of culture, social, lifestyle really influence me for choose my theme.
But at the same time, I can be different than you, my country can be different… but you know, we are all the same: Humans fighting for our rights, for our lives, for grow in life.
My video show two different girls, from different countries, from different colors, looking for this way, looking for a way of equality until they find each other and the black and white turn into grey.